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  • How do I get access to GrantReady?
    The system administrator assigned to your organization will create an account in the GrantReady system for you. GrantReady will send an email to each user from the system inviting them to join.
  • Do I need to set up the two step authentication every time I am going to access GrantReady?
    No. You only need to set it up once with the authenticator app of your choice. However, you will need a new code from the app every time to log in to the system.
  • What can the system administrators from my organization do?
    System administrators from your organization can set up the roles for your organization as well as invite new users. These users can also add new organizations to collaborate with in the system.
  • Are the user roles set by GrantReady?
    No. Setting up the roles for your team members is entirely up to the system administrators from your organization.
  • What types of permissions can a specific role have in my organization’s information?
    When setting up the roles, the system administrators can grant permissions to users to only view documents, work (edit) on a document and/or approve a specific document.
  • What happens when a user no longer works for the organization, is the data they entered lost?
    No, the data stays in GrantReady. Deactivating the user account does not affect the information in the system.
  • What happens if I change positions and now need to work on other documents in GrantReady?
    Your organization’s system administrator can update your role, granting you access to the information you need.

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