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Simplify Grant Management

Radically redefine the way local health jurisdictions (LHJ) and states plan, execute, and monitor federal funding

Image by Carl Heyerdahl

Re-imagine Grant Work

An easy, automated, and intuitive solution ensuring state, local and rural jurisdictions are maximizing grant funds they have been awarded. Reduce months of work to a few weeks 

Eliminate challenges

Remove barriers reducing your productivity. Collaborate together in real-time and send documents to be approved instantaneously. Upload supporting forms, signed documents, and invoices to a builtin file library.

Streamlined Communication



Years of experience in public health emergency preparedness and response

Extensive knowledge in government, healthcare, engineering disaster & emergency response

Intuitive software design for flexibility, responsiveness, and automation

Image by Joakim Nådell

Adaptive & Modular

Handle typical funding sources with standardized flows for PHEP, HPP, FOPH and CASPHI.

Support more grant types with Grant Builder, enabling a tailored approach to meet every requirement

Accelerate Data, Amplify Action

GrantReady ensures that the users can use data in a faster, more interoperable way
that, in turn, provides high-quality information that provides a more real-time,
comprehensive picture to improve decision-making and protect health.

Breeze through interconnected modules for grant success





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