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Health & Emergency Response

International Responder Systems focuses on public health and emergency response. Our foundational services simplify processes and prepare our clients for what the future holds.

Work Colleagues

Redefining Public Health
Starts with                       

Defining IRS


Support international and domestic disaster preparedness and response organizations


Organizations fully prepared, equipped, and ready to respond to every emergency


Innovation, stewardship, sustainability, trust, ethics, diversity, and value driven service.


We have built countless relationships with organizations, and governments around the world

Core Beliefs

Our core beliefs drive everything we do from how our leaders lead to our customers centered decision making process. We hold ourselves and colleagues accountable for exemplifying our beliefs everyday through our attitudes and actions.



Pursue Perfection

Encourage questions, feedback and discourse to fuel individual growth and collective refinement

Express Gratitude

Go the extra mile. Show appreciation to employees and clients

Employee Satisfaction

Happy employees make happier customers

Cultivate Success

Push the boundaries on what is possible in everything we do and try new things

Value Expertise

Knowledgeable people give us our competitive edge and make us standout amongst competitors

Push boundaries

Set high standards and continually raise the bar

Unshakable Positivity

Be optimistic, move with confidence and develop a positive attitude


Customer Obsession

separates International Responder Systems from other firms. We are unique in our professional expertise, various service offerings, client diversity, and portfolio of solutions; and this makes us distinct amongst competitors.

Jim Mullikin | CEO & Founder



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